Students are not expected to buy the full Iai-Do uniform on their first night of training but an obi is an essential piece of equipment.


• Iai-Do Dogi (top)

• Obi (Iai-Do belt)

• Hakama

• Iai-to (practice sword) *

• Tabi (Japanese socks) optional

* Note: Swords may be hired at the dojo

Use of Personal Swords
Students must present their personal swords to the Head Instructor for inspection and approval before using it in the dojo. If the sword is determined as being unsafe, it must not be used. Sharp bladed sword is not allow to use in the Dojo.

Use of Live Swords
Students are not to use “live” swords in the dojo without permission from the Head Instructor.

Use of Hokushin Badges
Student must wear Hokushin mon on the rear of Dogi (top). Senior members are allow to wear Ohgo-kai badge (silver dragon) and Sensei to wear gold dragon badge.

Hokushin Suburi at Honbu Adelaide

Hokushin Suburi

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