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40th Tees and Hoodies

As part of our preparation and fundraising for the Hokushin Australia and New Zealand 40th event next year we are offering screen printed tees and hoodies for preorder. While we hope to have some extras to sell at the event, preordering is the best way… Read more

Categories: All | Date: November 20, 2019

40th Anniversary Celebration

Celebrating 40 years of Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido in Australia and New Zealand, this two day event will feature workshops, martial arts demonstrations and more. Hosted by Sei Shihan Youkou Goho Chong, Suseki Shihan Takeo Matsunami Chong and Joseki Shihan Cheng-Tao Chiang, and featuring special… Read more

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Victorian sword law exemption

Victoria currently lists swords (both iaito and shinken) as prohibited weapons, illegal to own without a licence or exemption. Hokushin Shinoh Ryu Iaido is very fortunate to be included on a list of exempt organisations in a recent update to the Control of Weapons Act… Read more

Categories: All | Date: June 7, 2014

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