2012 Christmas Dinner

Dear Hokushin Members

Time flies, and the 2012 Christmas is not far away. To celebrate the end of the year we shall be having an End of Year Christmas Dinner.

The details of the venue are:
Korean BBQ, (Inside Glenelg Spices Restaurant)
111 Jetty Road
Glenelg, SA 5045
Near the old Wallis cinema
08 8295 1322

Cost (Cash only): $30 per adult, Primary school student $8, Non primary school age children free
Note: Drinks to be purchased at the bar
Time: Friday, 23 Nov 2012, 7:00pm

RSVP: Sunday, 11 Nov 2012 to either Tao or Damien.

As the owner of the restaurant is a devout martial practitioner, he has worked out a very good menu with the best price for us. Entree will include sushi, with Korean BBQ as the main dish. The menu will also include the restaurant’s famous Glenelg Spicy noodle. The dinner will finish with home made ice cream. Please also see the attached link with some reviews of the restaurant:

As most of you are aware, Takeo Sensei is getting married early December. I hope that we can get together on this occasion to pass on our best wishes to Takeo Sensei and his fiancee.

I hope to hear from you very soon. As the restaurant is not a huge one, the owner hopes to dedicate the majority of the restaurant to our needs.

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