Moon Lantern Festival (12/09/2011)

Dear Hokushin Members,

 As most of you would be aware, we will be demonstrating again this year at the Moon Lantern Festival on the 12th of September (part of the OzAsia Festival). The performance is scheduled from 4:00pm to 4:30pm and it will be at a site on the grassed area between the Rotunda and the Festival Theater (closer to the theater). I suggest we meet at the small driveway to the right of the main driveway into the festival theater at about 3:30pm to give time to get changed and unload equipment from the car.

To assist with preparations for the demonstration we will also be holding a tameshigiri (live cutting) session on Sunday the 28th  of August. We have some mats that we can utilize, but, as always, if you know of a location where we can collect some bamboo, and have time and a suitable vehicle or trailer to transport, could you please speak to Takeo Sensei or myself.

Could all Dōjō-chō also make sure they make an announcement about this at their dōjō. This is a great opportunity to promote our school and sharpen your skills.

Please respond if you would like to take part, or speak to your Sensei at training so we have an idea of numbers.

Best wishes!

Joel (先生)

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