Honbu 2010

Dear Hokushin members,

Happy New year – year of the Tiger! Training has resumed for 2010 at our new home at the Gilles St Primary School in the City and we look forward to seeing you there.

This year we are offering new payment options for our students:

You can still pay per lesson at the rate of $10 per lesson or if you are a regular student you can pay on a monthly basis. This will being next month (February)

If you train once a week the cost for the month is $30.
If you train twice a week the cost for the month is $50.

These payments are for a calendar month (i.e. $30 will cover you for 1 lesson per week throughout February, but it is up to you to make the most of this).

We have also begun to plan out our itinerary for the 2010 Japan trip and it looks like another exciting visit and an experience not to be missed. More details will be provided soon but it looks like 10 days at the beginning of November.

Best wishes!

Joel Brady

Deputy Adelaide Honbu Dojo Cho


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